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The Longest Drive will hit the road again!

The Longest Drive and Beyond Adventure will send Jan Kalmar and Dietmar Ulrich out to test their limits in the Intercontinental Rally to Dakar from January 21stuntil February 3rd, 2019. They will pilot the famous Zebra Porsche Cayenne through captivating landscapes while conquering the famous rally route. They will pass through some of the most […]

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The Panamericana Challenge – postponed…

It is with great pity and grief we have to write this statement, but the Longest Drive Team has had to postpone the Panamericana record attempt after 1 year of intense planning and great support from all sides.
Multiple factors have played a role: high workload for team members, a team member not sticking to his […]

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The Longestdrive Bucket List

Once the North South run has been completed – hopefully by August 2014, we have no further plans and are looking for inspiration from our followers. We are open to all sorts of suggestions-except extreme off road and areas with very dangerous local environments both geographical and political, but apart from that we are open […]

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Will Schryver is joining the Longestdrive crew on the ‘Big Loop’ round Australia. Apart from being a very fast endurance racing driver, his ‘daytime job’ is in the motorsport media business. He has an enormous experience in filming and recording car related events. He was therefore an obvious choice in selecting the third crew member.  […]

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North South Start

Despite the difficulties we are experiencing for the North South run, we have pencilled in a starting date from the North Cape: Midnight of 23rd June  which is Midsummer Night on the northern hemisphere.  In Scandinavia this is a very special time with bonfire celebrations and parties with plenty of seasonal food and drink.

At the […]

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North South News

Although the Big Loop has not yet been completed, we are already planning the North-South challenge and one of the major headaches is which African route to take. Many of areas which were traversed by the African record run crew have since become unsafe to visit: Northern Africa has seen major upheavals which have not […]

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Route Finalised

We are grateful to our followers on the Performancecars forum who have had such a lively debate on many subjects related to our challenge. One of the most hotly debated topics was which route the crew should follow.  We have obviously done some research prior to launching the project, however the local input and many […]

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New Dates.

Our partners CARS UK has organised the transfer of the car departing Southampton, UK on 12th January by sea to Australia. This means that our new estimated start of the ‘Big Loop’ will be 1st March. The journey takes 40 days by sea and upon arrival in Australia the car will be checked over and […]

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New members of the team

Over the last couple of months three people have joined the Longestdrive team to take part in the future challenges:

Marc Bronzel from Germany joined in November with a view to take part in the North South run. Marc is another racing driver and car fanatic. He is a successful businessman and this has enabled him […]

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Researching Australia

In order to gain as much local knowledge, we have started a discussion thread on one of the biggest Australian discussion websites:

www.performanceforums.com  (search under General Discussion)

It has proven to be an active site of with many great pieces of advice from Forum members (and some not so great it must be said) ranging from weather, […]

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