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It’s important to look nice

Let’s take a look at how our white Porsche gained a few black stripes in this cool video!


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A word from our sponsor – Salomon!

THE LONGEST DRIVE sponsor Salomon has dressed our team from head to toe. That is awesome! When a long way is ahead it is pleasant when someone takes care of comfortable shoes and clothes.

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Support in Ethiopia

The Longest drive team rely on help from all over the world, and we are truly amazed with the level of support and advise we do receive. At our last attempt we had some issues in Ethiopia and therefore we have requested additional support in this region. We got in contact with SORA Tours in […]

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New design (this time for real)

Despite rumors that it was an 1. April joke about our design for the TLD 2.0 this will be our official design !

Hope you all like it !

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New design

To honour the Zebra that stopped our attempt last year we have done a slight redesign… ( thanks thor ) do you like it??

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First Aid trainings

Human life is very fragile. Do we all know what to do in case of a disaster? 12 hours of learning. We are thankful to the Red Cross for knowledge and practice.

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Vehicle Preparation is coming to the end!

We are ready for the last test drive!

What we’ve improved:
1. Completely new layout of the car interior.
2. New 221-liter fuel tank at the bottom of the car.
3. Spare wheels were placed inside the car.
4. Roof rack was removed.
5. LED lamps were moved to the front of the vehicle.

What we get:
1. Lower center […]

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More about Shaun Neill

A few more words about another TLD team member.

Shaun Neill is a big fan of speed and cars since his early childhood. He spent a year racing Ferrari 360 Challenger’s in the GT Series in South Africa, and then spent a season racing in the VW Polo Cup Series. He is the one capable to […]

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New team member!

Happy New Year to all fans and followers!

We are closing 2015 by announcing the Longest Drive 2.0 with a complete team!

A few words about the new team member:

The third member – Vitoldas Milius – is editor-in-chief of “Auto Bild Lietuva” magazine. Besides being automotive market expert, he is also a talented and adventurous driver. […]

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Final modifications

There are Porsche Centers and then there are PORSCHE centers. Tallinn is a PORSCHE Center!!! Thanks a lot to the guys!!! They reproduced the bonnet sticker as the original got slightly scratched.. Now the final modifications are being done and then she is ready to go…

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