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The Longest Drive will hit the road again!

The Longest Drive and Beyond Adventure will send Jan Kalmar and Dietmar Ulrich out to test their limits in the Intercontinental Rally to Dakar from January 21stuntil February 3rd, 2019. They will pilot the famous Zebra Porsche Cayenne through captivating landscapes while conquering the famous rally route. They will pass through some of the most […]

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The Panamericana Challenge – postponed…

It is with great pity and grief we have to write this statement, but the Longest Drive Team has had to postpone the Panamericana record attempt after 1 year of intense planning and great support from all sides.
Multiple factors have played a role: high workload for team members, a team member not sticking to his […]

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The Longest Drive Cape to Cape Challenge press coverage!

It is always nice to read about The Longest Drive and our world record setting challenge in a Porsche Club Magazine! Here you can find an article by Porsche Club South Africa! Take a look and enjoy!


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The Highway to Mongolia – unfinished challenge

Sitting at the border between Kazakhstan and Russian gave us time to relax – for the first time since the delay at the Turkish – Georgian border. Time to relax for an unknown time .. and this for the unfortunate reason that Bob and Craig had problems with their visas for Russian. A simple mistake […]

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The end of The Highway to Mongolia

Bureaucracy can ruin everything. After 4 days, 12 hours and 16 minutes The Highway to Mongolia was stopped by bureaucracy and unwillingness to help even a bit. “NO” was the only answer. The amazing challenge ended in the no man’s land between Kazakhstan and Russia. We got almost arrested but we are all safe sleeping […]

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The Longest Drive like Finding Wally!

Do you remember the game “Where is Wally”? Today, The Longest Drive Team challenges all friends and followers to take on the “Where is The Zebra?” challenge! What is it about? We invite all who might be on our route to look up for the Zebra Cayenne and the Team, to take a photo or […]

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Track TLD on live.thelongestdrive.net

As the Zebra is fast and The Team is well prepared for the upcoming trip, we would like to make it a bit easier for you to Catch the Zebra and the Team, thus TLD kindly invites you to our new live page to be found  on www.thelongestdrive.net, where all friends and followers will be […]

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The World Record Holder are now ready for The Highway to Mongolia

The preparations for the Highway to Mongolia Challenge are on the finish line. Final packing and adjustments to the route are being made. A pile of documents, maps, visas and other crucial papers are being gathered in one folder and are beside the car keys the most important things to be taken. The Zebra Cayenne […]

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The Highway to Mongolia: pre-Panamericana Challenge

Straight after reaching the Cape Agulhas as world record holders the planning started for the next challenge. It did not take long before the longest of all roads in the world came to the mind – The Pan Americana Highway with its almost 23.000 km.

As the Team knows that every successful endeavor requires good preparation, […]

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The Longest Drive Team has finally reached it’s final point – Cape Agulhas. The 17,475 distance was covered in 8 days, 21 hours and 3 minutes which is the new World Record. The previous record was 9 days, 4 hours, 9 minutes and the TLD team has beaten it by 7 hours and 6 minutes. […]

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