The picture-story of the TLD team’s challenge “North Cape – Cape Agulhas” is going to be added here in a blog form.

May 7 at 9:23pm · White tiger found Hippo and made friends… 1 country behind us… Finland here we go!

May 8 at 12:07am · Sweden!

May 8 at 10:17am · 1,920km distance traveled. Refueling and GO!

May 8 at 11:54am · Good morning! Good mood. Good roads in Sweden. +21C.

May 8 at 2:47pm · Changing tires south of Copenhagen


May 8 at 11:40pm · Safe in CZ.. LED light rocks.. 3 hours ahead of schedule.. Go go go

May 9 at 7:24am · A small update.. Just entered our 9th country, Serbia. 4,061 km behind us so only 14,000 to go.. Car is good , team pushing hard and a good driver rotation is taking place. We are currently  3,5 hours ahead of schedule.. Just did our 3 pitstop and here we meet Marcsi who is the true driving force behind this trip.
We hit a new all time high yesterday on visits on our homepage! Thanks and keep following us..
Africa is getting closer but first Istanbul..

May 9 at 11:49am · Hello Bulgaria!!!

May 9 at 12:43pm · Fast though Sofia with Topgear Bulgaria “police” escort

May 9 at 3:26pm · Turkiye

May 9 at 8:23pm · Waiting for champagne… As the cleaning lady finally got his Sudan visa… Close call

May 10 at 11:55am · Leaving for Africa.. Stage 2 begins!

May 11 at 7:30am · Egypt!

May 11 at 8:54pm · Far from home… But making very good progress… Ready to cross borders

May 12 at 6:06pm · We are nearly in Ethiopia…Good progress is going on…

May 13 at 3:18am · We just found a tireshop who could fix our tires 03:00 at night in Etiophia.. Why we needed them can be seen in the pictures….

May 13 at 12:15pm · Let us introduce you our big help, the SORA Tours Ethiopia Team, on board with Osman Ahmed and Yetnayet.. They were our helping hand along Ethiopia..Thank you for your great support!

May 15 at 1:42pm · Crossing the border from Zambia to Botswana now….. second last country on the list…. here we come

May 15 at 4:59pm · The zebra looks more like a warthog now! But still pretty amazing what this car is doing! Still going strong!

May 15 at 11:45pm · Out of Botswana, clearing customs to enter SA now!!!!

May 16 at 12:38pm · Night driving. RSA.

May 16 at 1:52pm · We are getting closer…

May 16 at 2:25pm · 8 days 21h 03min.

May 16 at 6:36pm · 17,450 km, 8 days, 21h, 3 min, (7h, 6min.better than the former record) 1949l diesel, 11,1l/100km

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